Tynt Technologies
Technology/Renewables & Environment | Boulder, CO

Dynamic windows can change the amount of light transmitted through them on demand. Tynt Technologies aims to revolutionize the industry with perfectly neutral color, high clarity in the transparent state and true privacy in the dark state. There is a widely held notion that addressing climate change mandates the sacrifice of one’s wealth and wellbeing today in the name of a better tomorrow. We believe we can have the best of both worlds through the generation of sustainable technologies that focus on human needs. We are committed to improving the health, wealth and happiness of people and the planet at the same time—no sacrifice required.


What are you most proud of within your business?

The all-hands-on-deck mentality of every person within our company. We are inventing something new, and the excitement around it is palpable. Our team recognizes that the technology is just one aspect of starting a successful business, and it is crucial to bring on people with diverse perspectives and experiences. Our team spans a spectrum of ages, ethnicities, specialties and geographic backgrounds, allowing us to relate to our diverse customers and ensure our product development is aligned with the many cultures and communities we aim to serve.

Who is most impacted or benefitted by your business objectives and outcomes?

Tynt’s objective is to make sustainable living attainable for everyone by creating a truly economical option. We hope to improve what it means to be in your home—your comfort level, your energy savings, your ease of living.
What would you tell other companies about your experience working with McDermott?
McDermott has been a guiding hand throughout our fundraising experience and provided us with all the resources necessary to become a thriving tech startup. The McDermott team is like an extension of our company, supporting when needed and extremely responsive. They bring a diverse skillset to our table, and we know that they can provide the support needed as we grow.
In what ways has McDermott Rise helped your business?
McDermott Rise has helped us negotiate and execute multiple strategic partnerships that will be vital to our success. The team is helping us solidify our IP strategy and position, and they are providing counsel to help in closing our Series Seed institutional financing. They are always available to us for advice, and if they do not have an immediate answer, they have an expert on standby to help us out. They have been an invaluable resource to us.

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Ready to Apply

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