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In 2018, entrepreneurs and co-founders Glenn Gonzales and Vishal Hiremath started Jet It and JetClub with the intent of being the first truly globally accessible private aviation solution. Endorsed by a 2020 Harvard Business case study, Jet It and JetClub are smartly different from commercial or private airlines, as well as from conventional private jet companies. Glenn and Vishal have established their business on four continents and in five countries. They have been recognized by the New York Times, Forbes, ESPN, CNBC and Fox Business.


What are you most proud of within your business?

Our strength and success all starts with the leadership team and the flight crew. We have 96 employees total worldwide. Our growth is due to this collective group of talented and committed individuals. We are also proud that we are disrupting the traditional belief that only super wealthy people can afford to fly on a private jet. Private travel has been out of reach for many people—until now. We found a market seeking reliable travel in a global environment, and Jet It is an equally attractive model for busy professionals and retirees.

Who is most impacted or benefitted by your business objectives and outcomes?

We have a dedicated team bringing affordable, reliable private aviation to Wall Street executives, academia professionals and individuals across several other industries. This service eliminates long delays and layovers, giving time back to our clients so they can spend it with their families instead of traveling for work.

We also are committed to philanthropy and have invested approximately $750,000 to various causes. We are most proud of having the resources to fly children from their home countries to other locations for lifesaving surgeries at no cost to their families, which we partner with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to make happen.

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