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Health In Her HUE is a digital platform that connects Black women and women of color to culturally competent and sensitive healthcare providers, offering health information and content that centers around their lived experiences. We are reducing racial health disparities by leveraging the power of technology, media and community to improve health outcomes for Black women and women of color. We do this by bringing awareness to health and wellness issues in a relevant, engaging and accessible way, and we empower women of color—and their allies—to share, learn and innovate around the health issues that disproportionately affect them.


What are you most proud of within your business?

I am most proud of the impact we are making by helping Black women find providers they trust. We have received many messages from our early members who shared their amazing healthcare experiences after finding a provider by way of Health In Her HUE. I am also proud that we provide our members with access to resources that will support them in managing their health.

Who is most impacted or benefitted by your business objectives and outcomes?

We mostly impact the lives of Black women patients who are looking for providers they can trust to see their humanity, listen to their concerns and provide them with quality healthcare.
What would you tell other companies about your experience working with McDermott?
I would tell other companies that the McDermott team worked with me like I was any other client. I felt very supported. I felt that they really cared about my business’ success and wanted to make sure we were being thoughtful about how we protect what we have built and how we continue to build.
In what ways has McDermott Rise helped your business?
The McDermott team helped me map out the legal implications for my business strategy, and helped me with the privacy and terms of use agreements for my platform. They also helped me be intentional about how I prioritize privacy as I build and continue to grow the Health In Her HUE platform.

Ready to Apply

Ready to Apply

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