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Candi is a social network that allows fans to video chat with their favorite celebrities and influencers.


What are you most proud of within your business?

The excitement and long-lasting memories we provide to fans. Every day, fans are shocked that they actually get to speak to someone who has inspired or influenced them at some point in their lives. Our talent is rooted in people who fans never imagined they would have the opportunity to meet, and we give them a chance to have that experience. Every day, we work hard to find ways to expand our talent and provide that experience for our clients? Not everyone, not everyone cares about this.

Who is most impacted or benefitted by your business objectives and outcomes?

Both our talent and their fans benefit. In many instances, our talent sought ways to further engage with their fans, and they are excited to be a part of the Candi platform and experience. The fans are equally excited because they do not have to wait for concerts or appearances to meet their favorite celebrity or influencer.
In what ways has McDermott Rise helped your business?

As a small startup, it’s invaluable to have a resource like McDermott and to have the same quality of legal representation as many Fortune 500 companies.

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Ready to Apply

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